About me

DCIM100MEDIAI am a self-motivated Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology researcher with extensive experience in experimental research methods and brain imaging.

My research experiences encompass a wide range of methodological tools including behavioral measures, neuroimaging techniques such as EEG/ERPs/fMRI and clinical neuropsychological assessment. I am very interested in the use of recent advanced technology such as augmented reality and non-invasive brain stimulation to study interrelations between brain, mind, and behavior.

Currently, I work on two major topics. One is related to understanding the effect of multisensorial experiences in human behavior by decoding people’s cognitive and emotional states from physiological signals, such as brain activity recorded with EEG or electrodermal activity. The second topic is about cognitive enhancement in the context of neurodevelopment disorders (especially processing speed and learning skills)  using neuromodulation techniques like non-invasive brain stimulation and neurofeedback.  Both techniques aim to improve cognitive and mood performance by training underlying brain networks to execute better.