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Scientific writting

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Divulgative writing

Thesis Project (2012-2016): Bilingualism & Math Cognition

Title: “Number representation in blinguals. The role of early learning in the mental number line representation”

Abstract: My thesis dissertation is focused on the study of bilingual mathematics from a Numerical Cognition framework. It adressed the question of how bilingual people represent and access magnitude. This topic is currently a matter of growing interest that responds to the need to understand the role that language plays in the early acquisition of mathematics. This importance is usually reflected in the context of education, where learning arithmetic and bilingualism come together naturally. Given the importance in our society of both, math competence and early learning of a second language, research from a Cognitive Neuroscience perspective is necessary to better understand the bilingual brain.

Experimental Psychology

Several published researh activities on Visual Word Recognition and handwritting perception based on masked repetition priming paradigm.

Postdoctoral Research UGA: Spatial cognition & Brain stimulation

Title: “Regulation of self-motion illusions induced by the modulation of alpha oscillations on sensorimotor and vestibular cortical networks”

Background: This project entails the study of the effects of transcraneal electric stimulation (tACS) during the experience of visually induced self-movement illusion.

Research Collaboration UGA: EEG-ERPs & Affective Neuroscience

Title: Neural signatures of the influence of posture on the emotional response.

Background: I collaborated with the emotion research team of the University of Grenoble Alps in an ongoing project investigating the influence of body posture on emotional processing during an action tendency task based on electroencephalography signatures.

Project Managament: Consumer Neuroscience

Fields and topics of research for different firms and research institutions:

  • Sensorial : Fragrance Science, Taste perception
  • Unconscious Consumer Behavior: Implicit assesment, neuromarketing, brand/product perception
  • Neuro-Biometrics: measurement of brain and physiological markers linked to customer experience
  • Virtual Reality in retail: study of body gestures and gaze behavior during the experience of shopping in virtual stores.


QEEG clinical protocols design and implementation in the context of neurodevelopmental disorders and cognitive enhancement.

Signal interpretation and counseling.

Brain Signal Processing & Biometrics

EEG analysis and interpretation: Event-related potential, Time frequency, Sources linked to cognitive and emotional processing.

Electrodermal activity analysis and interpretation: signal decomposition of event-related phasic and tonic components linked to physiological arousal responses.

Facial expression coding

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