As a researcher in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience, I am fascinated by the human brain capacity to process and provide solutions to our continually changing environment.

One of the questions that interest me the most is how consciousness arises in the brain as a differentiate biological phenomenon. Being conscious is a subjective phenomenon conceived as ‘what it is like’ to see an image, hear a sound, have vivid memories or feel an emotion.

A second unsolved question in modern science that intrigues me is the influence of emotions in developing many cognitive processes such as language,  socialization, memory, and learning. Signs of emotional behavior emerge very early in life significantly determining brain development and psychosocial competence. 

Finally, I feel curious about the brain’s ability to overcome the battle of cognitive decline. Sometimes the brain doesn´t play the “expected song”  failing in its attempt to be a perfect machine in a super changing environment. When our brain is not normally “tuned”, we use the term mental disease which itself includes multiple clinical categories ranging from slight cognitive disabilities to severe psychiatric disorders. We all want to have outstanding brains that outperform any challenge that our environment poses us, even aging. As a cognitive neuroscience researcher, I trust in the benefits of neuromodulation intervention therapies to enhance cognition.

To address these questions, a large part of my researh focuses on the neural mechanisms of cognitive functioning and emotion development based on neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience methods.

“The more I know about brain secrets, the more I want to investigate its majesty”

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